Engine Stencil "GB" for LH L34
Engine Stencil "GB" for LH L34
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Engine Rocker Cover Stencils for painting the Idendifying letters onto LHS V8 rocker cover.

Please note this is a self 
adhesive stencil & can only be used once.

This Stencil suits the LH L34 cars.

We have researched these through pictures of original cars as well as Vehicle Broadcast Sheets and have come up with around 12 different variants.

Back in the day, these were either a paper sticker (which didn't last very long) or were put on with Stencil Ink. 
We would suggest that heat proof paint be used.

If you are unsure which one is best suited to you car, let us know.

If we don't have the one you're after, let us know and we will look at getting it done. 

Please Note: Printed Decal is of the highest quality and resolution. 
These decals have been reproduced using a collection of new old stock samples to ensure the all of the measurements are accurate.
These decals are made from Hi performance materials to ensure longevity.

Postage cost: $1.75 
Postage will be added after you have placed your order.
You will then be emailed an updated invoice.