Radio Fascia Repair Plate for Torana LH/ LX
Radio Fascia Repair Plate for Torana LH/ LX
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Radio Fascia Repair Plate for LH LX Toranas.

What we have here is a newly reproduced Radio Fascia Repair Plate that will enable you to fit an original Radio (or a Retro Sound Radio) into your dash and to cover up the hole if your car has been modified to take and aftermarket DIN1 style radio.
This comes in a grain version or a smooth version* to allow you to paint it, if req'd.  
*smooth version has some scratches and will require painting.

As with most things, when people upgraded their radios, this area was cut out!
Every effort has been made to recreate this item and they as close as you can get to the original item. 

Postage cost: $10.00 
Postage will be added after you have placed your order.
You will then be emailed an updated invoice.