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ID Tag Rivets to suit LH/ LX/ UC Torana (SKU: ITR001)ID Tag Rivets to suit LH/ LX/ UC Torana (SKU: ITR001)
Torana LH/ LX and UC ID Tag Rivets
Sale is for a set of eight rivets.
What we have here is OEM ID Tag Rivets that are of spec for use with the LH/ LX and UC ID Tags.
The Rivets are closed on the end to stop moisture from getting into unwanted areas.

Postage cost: $4.00 
LX Torana Owner's Manuals v1 (SKU: TOM001)LX Torana Owner's Manuals v1 (SKU: TOM001)Newly Reproduced!!

Torana Owners Manual and Guide for the LX dated January 1976. 

These are suitable for all LX Torana's up to November 1976. 

Postage cost: $9.00
Plug Set,  Seat Hinge Cover - LH- UC and HQ - HZ (SKU: PSHC001)Plug Set, Seat Hinge Cover - LH- UC and HQ - HZ (SKU: PSHC001)
Plug Set for the Seat Hinge Covers that every LH/ LX and UC has! They will also suit all HQ - HX.
These plugs were designed to finish off the look of the seat hinge cover to give it a cleaner look.
They come in a set of 16 plugs that will do one pair of seats 

Postage cost: $4.00 
Postage will be added
Torana Tough Book (SKU: TT002)Torana Tough Book (SKU: TT002)


Its humble beginnings as a 1.1 litre badge-engineered version of the Vauxhall Viva through to the awesome 5.0 litre V8 A9X variant, Holden`s Torana was one of the most unique models produced by General Motors anywhere in the world. 
How many other manufacturers ultimately offered 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines in the same body shell? While the German prestige marques are doing it in the 21st century, GM`s little Australian outpost was covering all bases in the 1970s.

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