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Product List

Insect Screen Package - LH-UC Torana (SKU: ISP001)Insect Screen Package - LH-UC Torana (SKU: ISP001)

Suits LH - UC Torana
The Insect Screen Package was an accessory available from Holden for your Torana.  It was also part of what they called the "Country Pack". 

This is a great way to stop insects and bugs getting caught in your radiatior and causing overheating.

These have been reproduced from NOS Samples.
The original part number for this item was 9932150 and is no longer available through Holden.

Radiator Recovery System - Suit A9X, LH - UC as well (SKU: A9XOS01)Radiator Recovery System - Suit A9X, LH - UC as well (SKU: A9XOS01)
Radiator Recovery System as found in the A9X Toranas. 
The complete system is ready to install and consists of the following;

1 x Original Style Bar's Leaks Recovery Bottle and Cap,
2.0m of Recovery Hose,
2 x Hose clamps to suit,
1 x Tridon Recovery Radiator Cap,
4 x Screws to suit the Brackets, and
1 Set of Reproduction A9X Styl