Product List

Product List

Insect Screen Package - LH-UC Torana (SKU: ISP001)Insect Screen Package - LH-UC Torana (SKU: ISP001)

Suits LH - UC Torana
The Insect Screen Package was an accessory available from Holden for your Torana.  It was also part of what they called the "Country Pack". 

This is a great way to stop insects and bugs getting caught in your radiatior and causing overheating.

These have been reproduced from NOS Samples.
The original part number for this item was 9932150 and is no longer available through Holden.

Mirror Caps for GTS/ SLR Type Mirrors (SKU: MC001)Mirror Caps for GTS/ SLR Type Mirrors (SKU: MC001)

Mirror Caps to suit
Holdens GTS/ SLR/ SS style Mirrors. 

Essentially this little cap was used to "finish off" the look of the mirrors. 
These were supplied with the mirrors but unfortunately many of these were lost when your new Holden went in for it's first service and they were removed to adjust the mirrors. 
Every effort has been made to recreate this item and we were lucky enough to find some NOS ones to use as samples.

Whilst these are designed for the original Mirrors, they can be modified to suit the RSP Reproduction Mirrors.

Postage cost: $4.

Tail Tent to suit Holden Panel Van (SKU: TT001)Tail Tent to suit Holden Panel Van (SKU: TT001)

The Tail Tent is Back!
Specifically designed for the Sandman Van and fitting all vans from HQ to WB this iconic 70's Accessory
is the "must have" item for all van owners!
Now you can sleep comfortably in your van, or simply use if at Car Displays.

The Tail Tent is easily fitted by one person in less than 10 mins to add so much more comfort and convenience.
More space, privacy and ventilation with the