About Us
About Us

About Us

Mick Mccardle (Owner) and Peter Brock


We are a small Newcastle Based Company that started life in 2007 by doing Support Services for other small businesses.

From there, we branched out to make Flags and Promotional items for these small businesses and this has seen us supply flags, etc. to Shannons, HDT, Rare Spares, as well as many Car Clubs, organisations and events.

It wasn’t too long that our major passion, Toranas, would be a major part of our business.

In 2009 we identified a growing need for good quality reproduction parts for the Holden Torana. Our first item was the Radio Fascia for the SS Hatchback Console and since that time we have grown to over 40 parts being now available with more being done in the future.

Our parts are stocked by Rare Spares and this partnership allows us to work together to produce very high quality parts.

As well as the parts, we also do a range of Accessories that include Stubby Coolers, Decals, Flags, Patches and Novelty Plates.